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Instruct us to Let, Manage, or sell your Property and be sure of the best advice

We operate a successful letting & management agency from our office in the city centre, letting and managing units across the city and further afield. Our management portfolio comprises Block Management, HMOs, Student, and Professional properties. We provide a full suite of Landlord services making renting out a hassle-free experience.

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Professional Letting is an integral part of our business and we go to great lengths to ensure your Tenant - as well as your property - is well looked after. Thorough external referencing ensures the right people in the right places, and ongoing proactive maintenance ensures your assets are protected. Get the right Tenants not just the first Tenants. We'll not deter good tenants with excessive fees or obstacles.

By presenting your Property effectively via Rightmove and on screen in our busy city centre window you can be sure of the best exposure. High quality internal imagery and virtual tours show your property at is best and most desirable. Our flexible approach means we can carry out viewings to suit people's busy work schedules. Getting the right Tenant is key to investment success.


Our Property Management services mean our Landlords can just sit back, relax, and watch their rent come in. Low overheads mean we can operate at a competitive level, at a time when Landlords' incomes face erosion from policy changes and taxation adjustments.

From Block Management to a single unit, our affordable management solutions mean you can keep more of your rent, and lose all the hassle of being a Landlord. Fast, effective maintenance stops small problems turning into large ones. Our regular maintenance and health checks ensures your assets are in good shape and in safe hands, around the clock. Using our certified, trusted contractors you can relax knowing jobs will be taken care of and guaranteed.

We embrace technology to facilitate slicker, smoother transactions and trouble free Tenancies. Digital signing of Tenancy Agreements, secure cloud management systems, and clear financial reporting make for smarter fulfilment for busy people. Our landlords like the fact that they can call upon us at any time and get the response they want.

Our Block Management is currently restricted to the Newcastle area. Legislative requirements and compliance means there are many strands to successful block management. Safety and security are paramount and all of our blocks under management are equipped with automatic alerting and reporting for fire alarms and fire panel faults. The upkeep of communal areas and services is important to keep residents happy, and cyclical schedules of maintenance mean 'little and often' can avoid major catastrophes.


Selling your Property and selecting an Agent can be difficult. Collis Edison Property Sales is delivered by us buddying up with one of our partner agents, meaning you get both of us for the price of one. We handle the sale on your behalf, meaning you can relax. Our partner agents are selected by us as a result of their knowledge or performance, so you can be sure you're in safe hands and getting best value for money.

We manage all your agency services at no extra cost. We can assist with viewings, ensure compliance and accuracy, make sure the presentation is favourable and effective and provide a range of supplementary marketing activities should you want them.

Your Property will be advertised on leading websites including Rightmove and Zoopla, as well as being displayed in prominent window displays. Selective photography and even virtual tours & floorplans can be provided if you wish.

The sale of a Property can be stressful, so we handle it all for you, providing you with progress reports as we go along. We'll negotiate on your behalf to get the best price, and once agreed we'll assist with the progression of the transaction on your behalf – a crucial part of the process often overlooked. Your property isn't 'sold' until it has completed, so often the real negotiation and problem solving work can take place after a sale has been agreed.

We organise your agency services so that you'll pay 1% of the sale price as your selling fee. This is subject to a minimum of £1250.00.

Client Fees for Services

Collis Edison LLP offers a range of Letting and Management Services, from simply finding a Tenant to fully managing your property.

Here’s a summary of our services and charges.

Our Tenant Finding service has three levels and is separate to our Management services.

In short we offer basic Tenant Finding for 50% of the first month’s rent (minimum charge of £349.00); a complete Tenancy set-up service for 75% of the first month’s rent, and an enhanced start and finish package looking after the setting up and concluding of the Tenancy, an Inventory, check-in and check-outs, and handling the Deposit negotiations, for 100% of the first month’s rent.

Management charges range from 7.5%pcm of the monthly rent for rent collection, up to 10%pcm of the monthly rent for full property management. We can also tailor bespoke packages to suit your requirements where you can choose the services you want and you don’t want. We even offer a ‘no up-front fee’ option for those who’d rather pay fees monthly and not have the set-up fees eat into the first month’s rent. Talk to us about your requirements and we’ll find the best solutions for you. As a small independent agency we can be flexible to make sure you’re getting what you need, and all at a sensible rate.

There are three levels of tenant finding & tenancy set up services:

Tenant Find Basic: 50% of the first month’s rent

Our basic Tenant Finding service costs 50% of the first month’s rent (subject to a minimum of £395.00) and includes a rental appraisal; the production of property details; external and internal photography; advertising on and our city centre window display screen.

We will carry out viewings and produce a Tenancy Agreement at your request; collect and convey the first month’s rent (net of our charges) and detail the conveyance on a statement.

Tenancy Complete: (Recommended) 75% of the first month’s rent

Our Tenancy Complete service – in addition to the above services - comprises a full Tenancy Set-up, Referencing, Deposit & Check-in service. We will reference any Tenant(s) (credit check; employment check; ID/’right to reside’ check; previous Landlord reference) and draw up a Tenancy Agreement reflecting the agreed terms, getting it signed by and issued to both parties.

We will also check-in the Tenant at the start of their Tenancy; collect and register their Deposit with the Deposit Protection Service, and serve the appropriate documentation (Deposit Certificate; Prescribed Information; How to Rent Guide; Gas Safety certificate & Energy Performance Certificate where applicable and where supplied) – we can also supply a variety of safety certificates where instructed.

See the Landlord Companion section for a detailed breakdown of the costs for individual items. Our fees for the Tenancy Complete service are calculated as 75% of the monthly rent, which is deducted from the first rent receipt. We will meet the Tenant on their moving-in date, issue the keys and take care of the paperwork.

Tenancy Extra: 100% of the first month’s rent

This comprehensive service looks after you at the end of the Tenancy as well as the start, with a range of additional extras.

In addition to the services included in our Tenant Find Basic and Tenancy Complete, our Tenancy Extra service also includes the provision of a full Photographic Schedule of Contents and Condition – a crucial record to refer to at the end of a Tenancy, hosted online and shared among the parties and serves as an unambiguous record of the condition of the property, its contents, defections, and peculiarities, including (but not limited to) floor and wall coverings, installations, furniture, and internal and external condition assessment.

We will also carry out a pre-tenancy safety check of your smoke or fire detection equipment. This service importantly also includes a Check-out inspection and Condition Report submission; the capturing of exit meter readings; Deposit claim negotiation and submission where they arise; and assistance with your claim for any reinstatement costs. Our fees for the Tenancy Extra service are calculated as 100% of the first month’s rent, deducted from the first rent receipt.

Tenancy Complete can also be combined with either of our Management Services for a more comprehensive, hassle-free service. Where combined with Management Services you can also choose not to pay any up-front set-up charges from your first month’s rent, and instead opt to pay an additional 9.5%pcm of the monthly rent for 12months, in addition to your chosen monthly management service fee. This option is for Landlords who would prefer not to lose a chunk of their first month’s rent on fees but instead would rather pay an amount over a 12month term. At the end of the 12month term your Management charges would revert to the standard charges as set out. This option is only available to Tenancies with a minimum term of 12months.

Property Management:

Management charges are in addition to tenant finding or tenancy set up services.

Our Management Services provide two levels of assistance: Rent Management and Property Management.

Rent Management: 7.5%pcm of monthly rent

Rent Management operates as a supplement to the Tenancy Complete service and comprises a basic Rent Collection Management service. This deals with the collection and conveyance of rent receipts; late rent chasing and management; pursuing non-payment of rent and advice for recourse or resolution; issuing of monthly statements electronically; issuing of annual tax reports and income and expense reports where requested. Rent Management costs just 7.5% of each monthly rent as it is stated in the Tenancy Agreement.

Property Management: 10%pcm of monthly rent

Property Management operates as a supplement to the Tenancy Complete service and includes the additional services in Tenancy Extra, along with enhanced Tenancy & Property Management services. Often referred to as ‘Full Management’, in addition to Rent Collection and services associated with the inception and conclusion of a Tenancy, our Property Management manages the property for you as well as the Tenancy. We will respond to maintenance issues and have them resolved on your behalf; respond to Tenant emergencies, lock-out and lost key scenarios; we’ll organise the arrangement of all legal required safety certification and compliance documents; we’ll organise the arrangement of cleaning, reinstatement charges, improvements, repairs, dispute resolution, anti-social behaviour or neighbourhood issues, and maintain the property to an acceptable and compliant standard and facilitate your adherence to your responsibilities as a Landlord as set out in the Tenancy Agreement and in statute. We’ll sort out the utilities and council tax account changes, pursue any non-payment of rent, and inspect the property to ensure the Tenant is looking after it and we’re aware of any maintenance issues. The management of a Property may involve the arrangement of additional services or inspections such as a Gas Safety Certificate, an Energy Performance Certificate, or attendance by us to quantify or resolve an issue, charges for which appear below. Property Management charges are calculated as 10%pcm of the monthly rent.

If you’d rather not pay any tenant finding fees or set up charges at the start of a Tenancy, you can use our flexible option and choose to pay 9.5% of the monthly rent each month, in addition to your chosen Management charges, over the first 12months of the Tenancy (just over a month’s rent over the year). Tenancies must be a minimum of 12months.

Landlord Companion:

Our Landlord Companion range of services is a ‘pick and mix’ collection of Landlord related products and services for Landlords. These can be provided individually or as part of any ongoing Management. The services we can arrange and/or provide and their associated costs are set out below:

Tenant Referencing – credit check, previous landlord, employment, ID, R2R:
£95.00 per Tenant

Tenancy Agreement – drawn up, signed, issued:
£95.00 per Agreement

Photographic Schedule of contents and condition, electronic:
£125.00 per property

Deposit Registration & relevant certification & document serving:
£75.00 per Deposit

Check-in appointment with fire safety check & meter readings:
£75.00 per check in weekdays

Weekend Check-in appointments (as above):
£149.00 per check in

Check-out appointment with check-out report:
£165.00 per check out weekdays

Weekend check-out appointments (as above):
£195.00 per check out

Arrange Gas Safety Certificate:
£85.00 per certificate arranged

Arrange electrical PAT testing:
£95.00 per visit per property

Property Inspection with report:
£95.00 per inspection

Arrange Property Cleaning:
£19.00 per hour

Utilities and Council Tax accounts set-up:
£75.00 per property

Arrange Energy Performance Certificate [EPC]:
£85.00 per property

Section 21 Notice serving (by hand and recorded post):
£95.00 per Notice

Licence application service
£299.00: (excludes cost of actual licence)

Court appearance charged per day
£125.00 per hour (subject to availability)

Property Improvement works/project management:
£95.00 plus 15% of works amount

Emergency call out / attendance fee:
£45.00 per visit

Replacement/Duplicate key supply:
£25.00 per key, excludes delivery

Deliver replacement/duplicate key to property by hand:
£20.00 per visit

Collect and deliver any small item to property (e.g.microwave, toaster):
£25.00 per item

Collect and deliver any large item to property (e.g.oven, hob, furniture):
£50.00 per item

Supply & install lightbulbs to property:
£10.00 per bulb

Supply & install replacement mattress protectors:
£18.00 per unit

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